Job Summary
Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad
0 - 50 years
Assembler, Refrigerator And Air Conditioning Unit
Last Date to Apply
18 Apr 2021
AVP_Agile Coach_C2E_BSSB
Posted on: 17 Feb 2021
Job Description

This position is responsible for advanced facilitation and coaching of multiple Agile teams in multiple locations or regions in Agile methodology. The Agile Coach provides Agile leadership.
Responsibility 1)Enable Agility
  • Coach, train, and mentor Scrum Masters:
    • Assist and mentor Scrum Masters with an aim toward making Agile techniques successful, resilient, and permanent.
    • Observe team level Agile activities such as Sprint/Iteration Planning and provide constructive feedback to Scrum Masters.
  • Coach, train, and mentor Agile teams and programs:
    • Work with Scrum Masters, teams and programs to institute the Agile framework that best fits their activities; familiarize the teams with the common elements of the chosen framework.
    • Coach, train, and mentor those outside the Agile team who support and work with the teams, such as Product Owner and Functional Manager.
    • Collaborate with Scrum Masters and change leaders to coach, train, and educate teams and program (team of teams).
    • Foster cross team communication.
  • Foster an Agile culture:
    • Create an environment of trust where it is safe to challenge, experiment and fail without fear.
    • Promote continuous improvement at the team level for all functions.
    • Foster continuous collaboration; continuously collaborate and communicate across all functions supporting Agile team execution.
    • Foster cooperation in experimentation and adopting new techniques.
  • Be an advocate in adopting Agile best practices and processes; support and contribute to sustainable Agile practices at DBS.
  • Lead Agile education for the team:
    • Support Agile education within the team, reinforcing practices and renewed adoption.
    • Train individuals in Agile techniques.
    • Deliver Agile workshops.
    • Conduct ad-hoc Agile training with anyone.
    • Collaborate with Education to design and execute training classes to ensure currency of Agile training.
  • Constantly refine and stay current with emerging themes in the larger Agile community:
    • Contribute to newsletters, blogs, and internal and external gatherings as they relate to Agile practices at DBS.
    • Establish and maintain a visible posture within the Agile community through submission of articles, conference participation and engaging Agile leaders throughout the industry.
  • Be a change agent:
    • Participate in Agile transformation at the region/program level; may lead an Agile transformation at region/program level.
    • Advance the adoption of Agile across the organization and be a recognized resource in Agile competencies.
  • Participate in an Agile Coaching community of practice within DBS; assist, coach, and mentor other Agile Coaches.
  • Participate in regional and national Agile groups.
  • Professionally coach:
    • Help individuals and teams reach their goals using techniques of professional coaching.
    • Assist in the career development of people in Agile roles.

Responsibility 2Facilitation
  • Maintain a healthy interaction between individual team members and teams.
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration in Agile improvement activities.
  • Proactively recognize conflict; facilitate conflict resolution through collaboration and consensus.
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