Job Summary
5 - 15 years
Job Qualification
12th Class (XII), Other
• Electrical Technicians, Other,
• Electrical Engineering, Technician,
Construction And Maintenance Labourers, Other,
• Chemical Engineer, General
Last Date to Apply
07 Jan 2021
AOCP/ Plant Operator /Chemical Plant Operator / Process Operators
Perfect Placement Bureau
Posted on: 08 Nov 2020
Job Description
AOCP - Plant Operator - Chemical Plant Operator - Process Operators - ITI Passed in AOCP Trade - 30 Position

Desired Experince : 3 to 15 years experience - Salary Negotiable based on Qualification And Experience

Job Responsibilities :
Monitor chemical treatment machines and instruments, including flow meters and machine dials, to ensure machinery is operating correctly at all times.

Respond to warning signals and alarms that indicate issues have arisen, taking all necessary precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.
Take chemical samples and perform tests to ensure the process is progressing properly

Regulate or turn off machines in emergency situations and follow all instructions from supervisory staff quickly and precisely.

Follow all safety policies at all times to prevent injury and ensure the finished product meets regulations for distribution.

Examine chemical processing machinery daily to identify damages or erosion, making note of any instances and reporting them to management staff when it is safe to do so.
Perform the washing function at the end of every shift, ensuring the machines are clean and ready to begin operations first thing the next day.
General Responsibility :
Wash and rinse reactors.
Regulate flow of steam, air, or oil.
Supervise chemical plant systems.
Operate equipment to adjust speed of chemical reactions or yields.
Operate panel boards, control boards, and semi-automatic equipment.
Interpret chemical reactions on monitors.Take product samples and record the data for quality check
Report spills or dangerous conditions immediately.
Review laboratory tests for process adjustments.
Patrol tanks , Matrial Tanks , Storage Tanks and troughs to ensure they aren't overflowing.
Monitor plant to ensure efficient production.
Regulate and shut down equipment if necessary.
Use steam to defrost frozen valves.
Operate and test towers, soap-spray storage tanks, scrubbers, collectors, and driers.
Test equipment for malfunctions.
Minor damage Repair or get repair major damaged equipment though superior
Calculate material requirements and collect appropriate materials from store.
Ensure chemicals are stored properly.
Calculate material yields.
Keep track of instrument readings.
Adjust power, steam, water, and air supplies.Pack finished items into barrels, tanks or containersClose down and clean the machinesReport any major problems to superiorFollow health and safety guidelines carefully.

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