Job Summary
Maharashtra,Mumbai,Mumbai City,Navi Mumbai,Thane
10 - 15 years
Job Qualification
Master OF Business Administration (M.B.A), Master in Computer Application (M.C.A), Masters in Technology (M.Tech/M.E/M.Sc)
• Oil Technologist,
• Advertising And Public Relations Department Managers,
Petroleum Refining Workers, Other,
• Sales And Marketing Managers, Other
Last Date to Apply
30 Apr 2021
International Sales Consultant
Waylink Pitstop Solutions Private Limited
Posted on: 20 Mar 2021
Job Description
Fuel is one commodity we always wanted to keep an account of, but we practically failed, rather struggled. Ask a customer who has driven over 1 lakh km how much he has spent on fuel over the last few years, and what mileage you drew, most likely would be clueless. Can we have a quick solution without technical interference? Yes, at Oleum, we have found an easy way out to track the mileage and the money spent.
With Covid-19, things are no longer the same. With the buying pattern undergoing a major shift, consumers -- be it be individuals or business outlets, are concerned about the fuel expenses incurred, and they are all will be keen to have it recorded, every minute detail. Its time to be thrifty and going digital is key to success and fuel economy is to make a big turn in the near future. We already have a group of angel investors and let us all fly together. Sky is the only limit.
Roles and Responsibilites:
Displaying the uses of the commodities and effectivity of the services of the organization to the international clients
Adjusting the commodities of the company to the benefit of the foreign clients and making specific business transactions with them
Planning and inspiring the whole sales workforce in the specific section of the organization
Playing a key role in the sales profits and gains of the company
Upholding the sales documents and reports of the business deals and audits of the clients
Formulating the annual, half yearly, monthly and daily reports of the sales profits of the establishment
Briefly describing the performance of the company in the year before to the management and reassessing the same
Designing and enforcing some task undertaking strategies in the organization for providing sales bookings
Making sales predictions for the administration section and personnel of the company
Developing and enhancing different creative selling plans and programs and implementing them to step up the sales of all the commodities and services when they are set up in the company
Upholding the sales activities in the organization with respect to commodity merchandising
Backing up the sales of the establishment and maintaining efficient and functional selling and merchandising interactions with the clients
Enhancing and upholding good bonds with the international clients to step up the business of the establishment
Working in the sales unit of the organization to decide or estimate the number of global sales uses
Making sure that the sales operations are completed in agreement with the regulations and policies of the organization
Studying, examining and recognizing the proper associates of the commodities and services of the organization in the geographic business retail trade stores
Observing the defects in the sales strategies of the establishment and making improvements in them
Suggesting the application of new sales programs and strategies in order to achieve the sales quotas and business sales targets of the organization
Offering new trade establishments to the company and enforcing them to ensure development and enhancement of the commodities
Designing and enforcing different company rating and assessment plans and programs
Developing, improving and maintaining sales interactions for upholding the business growth of the establishment
Organizing sales crusades within the organization that are aimed at hierarchic commodity trade and retail stores
Supervising and overseeing the selling pipeline of the organization and enhancing its sales possibilities
Backing up the international authorities and the government executives with specialized support and task enforcement for all the merchandising plans and programs of the sales section of the specific establishment
Doing all other jobs and duties that fit him/her and suit his/her area of responsibilities and duties and completing all those tasks that fall under the domain of an international sales manager
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