Job Summary
8 - 11 years
Machine Supervisor, Data Processing,
Data Entry Machine Operator
Last Date to Apply
21 May 2021
data scientist
Posted on: 22 Mar 2021
Job Description

job description
Data scientist in bangalore
Role -Data Scientist, Principal Consultant - Band - TBD.People Involvement - IC, Product Development Team.Requirement - NewRole success criteriaDeliver Features as identified in respective scrums for the developmentproducts with agreed accuracy in production.Successful delivery of the use cases POC's as identified by the businessrequirements.Train and mentor junior staff, aspiring Data scientists.Skills -Primary -Statistical Modelling and machine Learning - Full Stack development.Secondary - Deep Learning Architectures - machine Learning & NLP.Data EngineeringManage the SQL Data bases and converse with AWS.Maintain the SQL Jobs, and analytical Data marts.Publish the quality reports, manage the development lifecycle with teammembers.Hands on with integration with connection to, DBMS, Hadoop file structures etc.. experience connecting these to visual tools.Strong knowledge of social media analytics and external Databases on Dataacquisitions.Data AnalyticsIdentify KPI's , talk to customers, domain experts and identify the storyline.Business Analytics using Tableau, Power BI, Einstien Analytics or any Py/RlibraryBuild inferential charts, some common charts.Box PlotsSQC ChartsCorrelationsAdvanced chartsmachine LearningOnly experienced production staff of 3-5 years should apply. POC work will notbe applicable for this role.Strong inclination of Statistics and mathematics with a focussed businessacumen,Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorightms.Should be strong in parametric approaches and machine learning concepts.machine Learning Problems.Optimization,Forecasting, Univariate and multivariate T+3 periods ahead.Binary Predictions.Continuous predictions.Unsupervised problems.NLP based predictions.Sentiment Analysis.Very strong statistical modelling with an outlier of EDA.ManagementManage, guide and mentor a team of juniors.Stakeholder management - 20-30%Client Engagement . - 20-30%DeploymentWork with AWS team to deploy solutions.Build machine learning pipelines and deploy the mdel in production.Train and monitor the model/feature to the implementation team structurally.Enhance customer experience by minimzing the deployment time.Technical capability of customzing the product as per customer need.ToolsR(20%) or Python(80%), should upskill in R.R Shiny Dev, Py Django or Flask or Dash + Server Management.Tensor-flow, keras, frame work.Experience10+ years of experience in analytics, preferably,5+ years of experience in Data science teams. Academic projects will not becounted. POC will not be counted. Kaggle competitions will not be counted.Strong statistical background.Minimum 3-5 Projects in productions/development should be in production duringtenure.Qualifications -Bsc/Msc Maths, Stats.


Data Scientist
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